Monday, January 10, 2011

Nursing 6004 - Module 1, introduction

Hi everyone. First of all, about the blog name - I apologize. I already had this blog set up a couple of years ago, with the intention of sharing my yarn-crafting projects with people online. As you can see, that didn't happen, so it has been languishing, blank and unused, for some time. Perhaps this class will be an inspiration to me, and I can start posting photographs of fabulous hats and scarves when we are done!

About me - I am in the Acute Care DNP program. I have worked in maternal-newborn care, hospice, and right now I work in Nutrition Support Services (which is to say, I do nutrition assessments, recommend tube feeds, and write TPN orders). I am hoping to work in Oncology and/or Palliative Care as a practitioner.

I am pretty passionate about IT, and computers. My father was early on the IT scene (mid-80s), and set up/managed networks for government entities such as the Department of Justice and the Navy, so in some ways it is in my blood. I was actually torn, when I was applying to graduate school, between DNP and Nursing Informatics, and I can't promise that I won't go back later for more graduate fun..

I think that knowledge about computers and information technology is vital to healthcare. Use of computer charting is already helping to streamline and consolidate patient information. Computer provider order entry is a simple way to reduce mistakes caused by hand-written orders. If we could all get on the same system, computer technology will be a great way to have someone's medical information follow them between provider systems - to avoid needing to fill out medical history forms ad nauseam, to prevent duplicating prescriptions or drug interactions, etc.

In my current practice, we have an outpatient clinic where we see home patients who are on TPN or enteral feeds. We provide a lot of follow up in the form of phone calls, clinic visits, and manage labs and medications as they pertain to medical nutrition regimens. Before I started working in the department, the charting for clinic visits, phone calls, labs, medication reconciliation was all on paper. I quickly changed the department over to computer charting, which has not only made things more legible, but allows other providers who are in our system to see what we are doing.

I look forward to this course, because I think that there is always so much more to learn about IT - it is growing at an exponential rate!

Sandra J.

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Seraphine said...

Nice to meet you virtually Sandra, and yes, your blog name tickled me. Excellent work on your blog and I can see are experienced with technology. I am curious to see what wonderful things you will do with your experience in microbio, nursing, and IT...I am certain your future NP practice will be facinating. Looking forward to reading more.